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How To Assist Your Child's Learning With The Right Piano

There are tonnes of studies and articles about the benefits of children learning music. Music can play a big part in a child’s development – from memory to patience, plus helping with cognitive and social skills. Music is a universal language that can benefit anyone and everyone, regardless of background and age. So, you’ve decided to get your child started in learning a musical instrument. Congratulations! There are many instruments to choose from. Strings, woodwind, brass, percussion….but unless your child has a strong preference to play a particular instrument, I feel that learning a keyboard instrument is a great place…

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Recording and Mixing Vocals: The Basics

The boom in DAW software means that anyone can start recording vocals at home; you just need a vocalist, a computer, a mic and a little know how. Paul White, editor-in-chief of Sound on Sound magazine shares his tricks and tips for getting it right every time. Vocals are invariably the most important part of…

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Look Ma, No Feet! How to Get Hands on with Your Looper

When most of us think of a BOSS RC Loop Station, they envisage a big red stompbox. Stompbox Loop Stations are excellent for instrumentalists who want to loop, but still need their hands free. However, some loop performers want more direct control over their performance. So whether you’re a DJ, a Vocalist or a multi-instrumentalist,…

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BOSS Talk: The Definitive Beginner’s Guide To Looping

Contributed by Christian Moraga for the Roland Australia Blog Live looping has quickly become a technique that has taken the art of live performance to a whole new level! Any musician, from bedroom producers to guitar gods, can add their own flair to their part, solo or track by using a Loop Station live on stage….

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Songwriting With The BOSS RC-505 Loop Station

Contributed by Roland Canada Team The BOSS RC-505 Loop Station is for more than just beatboxing! Read on to see how CHERSEA used the RC-505 to write her latest masterpiece “Wolf”.

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Inspiration is Everywhere # 4 – Failure Is An Option…

Contributed by Geoffrey Williams As Ian Dury, and probably many others, said, “If you want to be creative, then you have to be willing to fail.” And with that in mind, I’d like to share my biggest failure success story.


Inspiration Is Everywhere #3 – by Geoffrey Williams

Contributed by Geoffrey Williams Is it interesting to read about how a song was written? Maybe. Sometimes, writing can be a long and drawn out process that yields little fruit and many grey hairs! And who wants to know?


Inspiration Is Everywhere #2 – Preparation!

I want to tell you about when I wrote with Nile Rodgers. Yes, the Nile Rodgers, the brainchild behind Chic, producer, guitarist and one funky homo sapien! A hero. I’ve danced to his music for years, sweating it out on the dance floor, developing some devastating moves never seen before (although, I later recognized that…