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The Ultimate Guide to BOSS Loop Stations

Since the release of the first Loop Station, the twin pedal RC-20 in 2001, BOSS have constantly remained at the cutting edge of looping technology and are today the undisputed product leader of this worldwide phenomenon. With a more comprehensive lineup of looper devices available than any other single manufacturer, BOSS Loop Stations satisfy guitar players, beatboxers, DJs, accordion players, singers and producers within the audio looping community. With such a diverse selection of musicians using the wide range of BOSS Loop Stations, it’s fair to say that there is a BOSS Loop Station for everyone.   The more complex the…


Darcel Wilson: A Veteran Vocalist adopts the VT-12

By Corey Fournier and Jim Bybee (Roland US Team)  Photo: Liz Linder Darcel Wilson is assistant professor of eartraining and voice at the esteemed Berklee College of Music, as well as a professional singer with a long list of performing and recording credits. Her substantial résumé includes working with top artists like Branford Marsalis and…


Inspiration Is Everywhere #3 – by Geoffrey Williams

Contributed by Geoffrey Williams Is it interesting to read about how a song was written? Maybe. Sometimes writing can be a long drawn out process that yields little fruit and many grey hairs! And who wants to know?


Inspiration Is Everywhere #2 – Preparation!

I want to tell you about when I wrote with Nile Rodgers. Yes, the Nile Rodgers, brainchild behind Chic, producer, guitarist and one funky homo sapien! A hero. I’ve danced to his music for years, sweating it out on the dance floor, developing some devastating moves never seen before (although I later recognised most of…


Interview with Sun Rai

Sun Rai (aka Rai Thistlethwayte) is a very, very busy man. Currently based in L.A, he has embarked on US and Canadian tour with Bernhoft throughout June 2013, with his first, much anticipated EP as Sun Rai, “Pocket Music” released on the 4th of June, 2013.