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The Ultimate Guide to BOSS Loop Stations

Since the release of the first Loop Station, the twin pedal RC-20 in 2001, BOSS have constantly remained at the cutting edge of looping technology and are today the undisputed product leader of this worldwide phenomenon. With a more comprehensive lineup of looper devices available than any other single manufacturer, BOSS Loop Stations satisfy guitar players, beatboxers, DJs, accordion players, singers and producers within the audio looping community. With such a diverse selection of musicians using the wide range of BOSS Loop Stations, it’s fair to say that there is a BOSS Loop Station for everyone.   The more complex the…

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From Studio to Stage: The Electronic Musician’s Guide to Gigging

For the solo electronic artist, the most obvious option when it comes to performing live has long been the DJ set. These days, using a laptop running any DJ application, mixing your own tracks with those of other acts is a piece of cake. Making the transition from the warm, cosy confines of the home…

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Look Ma, No Feet! How to Get Hands on with Your Looper

When most of us think of a BOSS RC Loop Station, they envisage a big red stompbox. Stompbox Loop Stations are excellent for instrumentalists who want to loop, but still need their hands free. However, some loop performers want more direct control over their performance. So whether you’re a DJ, a Vocalist or a multi-instrumentalist,…

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Essential Synth Tutorials: Part 2

Synthesizers are amazing instruments that allow musicians to shape sound into almost endless possibilities. This enormous potential can seem overwhelming at first. However, once learned, the knowledge of signal flow and subtractive synthesis can be transferred from one instrument to the next. We recently posted 7 Essential Synth Tutorials to help you start to craft…

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7 Essential Synth Tutorials

The real power of a synthesizer is its ability to craft and control the sound, allowing musicians to create their own custom tones. Synthesizers can seem overwhelming at first, but most have similar controls and follow the same signal flow. This allows synthesis knowledge to be transferred between instruments. Below are seven tutorials that will…

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Top 3 Tips: A-01 Controller+Generator

The Roland A-01 Controller+Generator is the ultimate controller to add to any music production set up. It is your one-stop controller and generator solution – it offers the flexibility to drive all your MIDI and CV/GATE-equipped analog gear, plus the ability to connect to a huge range of music-making apps, not to mention it is portable and…

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Seven Hidden Features of the Roland Boutique Synths

Contributed by David Jiang for the Roland Australia Blog The JP-8, JX-3P and Juno-106 synthesizers stand as stalwarts of their time. Released between 1981 and 1984, each produced classic synth lines to countless music genres. Many of the original synths have found their way into collector’s hands and in good condition are valued into the thousands…

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The A-to-Z of Synthesizer Terms

The terms used in the synthesizer world can be very confusing – especially for a beginner… what is ADSR, envelope, oscillator??? Opening up a manual, it would be easy to think that it was written in a completely different language! No matter what level of “synthesist” you are, this A-to-Z of Synthesizer Terms is a resource you can…

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BOSS Talk: The Definitive Beginner’s Guide To Looping

Contributed by Christian Moraga for the Roland Australia Blog Live looping has quickly become a technique that has taken the art of live performance to a whole new level! Any musician, from bedroom producers to guitar gods, can add their own flair to their part, solo or track by using a Loop Station live on stage….

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Songwriting With The BOSS RC-505 Loop Station

Contributed by Roland Canada Team The BOSS RC-505 Loop Station is for more than just beatboxing! Read on to see how CHERSEA used the RC-505 to write her latest masterpiece “Wolf”.

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5 Steps to Become a Keytar Shredder

Contributed by Roland US Team Keyboard players from another era had a great idea: “Let’s get out from behind our boards and shine.” And, the keytar was born.