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How To Assist Your Child's Learning With The Right Piano

There are tonnes of studies and articles about the benefits of children learning music. Music can play a big part in a child’s development – from memory to patience, plus helping with cognitive and social skills. Music is a universal language that can benefit anyone and everyone, regardless of background and age. So, you’ve decided to get your child started in learning a musical instrument. Congratulations! There are many instruments to choose from. Strings, woodwind, brass, percussion….but unless your child has a strong preference to play a particular instrument, I feel that learning a keyboard instrument is a great place…


Roland Artist Interview – Underworld

With a career that spans more than 20 years, Underworld are bona-fide dance music icons. PowerOn speaks to musical mastermind Rick Smith about their sound, their equipment and why their live shows are designed to go a bit wrong. Contributed by Roland UK Roland are at the heart of the fall and rise of Underworld….

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8 Things to Know About The SYSTEM-500 Complete Set

The Roland SYSTEM-500 Complete Set is a fully analog recreation based on Roland’s classic SYSTEM-100M. The modules have been adjusted to conform to the Eurorack standard. Below is a list of some other enhancements and useful bits of information to help you get the most out of the modules. Contributed by Roland Canada The SYSTEM-500…

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10 Things You Might Not Know About The JD-Xi

Combining analog and digital synthesis in a compact and user-friendly design, the Roland JD-Xi is ideal for live tweaking, recording and using on-the-go. With its warm, fat, true analog bass and lead tones, as well as polyphonic PCM essentials such as pads, strings, brass and more, the JD-Xi is a versatile and mighty sounding instrument….

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Synth Bass for Bass Players – Part 2

In Synth Bass for Bass Players, Part 1, we talked about how doubling on synth bass can increase your opportunities to land more work in today’s music scene. We also outlined some of the important features to look for when choosing a keyboard for playing synth bass. This time, we’ll take a closer look at…

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Synth Bass for Bass Players – Part 1

In today’s music world, the vast influence of EDM and other electronic styles has crept into the fabric of nearly every popular genre. The core of EDM is a driving rhythm groove, with the low end held down by synthesizer bass. To cover this essential sound, traditional bass players are now called upon more and…

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BOSS SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer vs. ROLAND GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer

For over 35 years, Roland guitar synthesizers have provided guitar and bass players with the means to coax astonishing sounds from their instruments. There’s something special about seeing a musician wielding a guitar which can unleash the sound of a full orchestra, a percussion ensemble, a sequenced trip-hop bass line, a piano concerto, or a…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Compression

Compression is one of the most frequently used effects for audio production. Considered to be an essential studio tool, applying compression to every track in a mix, individually or overall, is an industry standard procedure. A compressor has the ability to radically alter sounds, or even a whole mix if need be. Despite having a…

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Using your Roland Boutique with Ableton Live

With iconic and legendary Roland instruments now available in studio and stage friendly modules, the Roland Boutique series gives you the ability to bring classic sounds to your mixes. Maybe you’ve always wanted a Jupiter-8 style pad, a TR-909 sounding kick or a gritty TR-303 bass line in your music, but an original model isn’t…

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Seven More Hidden Features Of The Roland Boutiques

Introduced in 2016 to much excitement and acclaim, Roland’s Boutique modules have won hearts and minds. The Boutique series use Roland’s ACB technology to recreate classic, rare (and now, expensive!) Roland synthesizers and drum machines at an affordable price, in a small, modular format. Following the success of the first round of Boutiques, namely the…

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How to Create Drums on The JD-XA

The Roland JD-XA is a crossover synth with four analog and four digital voices. It looks similar to the Roland JD-Xi Interactive Analog/Digital Crossover Synthesizer, but they are two very different instruments. The JD-Xi is an all-in-one groove machine with two digital voices, one analog voice and drums. The JD-XA; however, is a synthesis powerhouse…