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The Ultimate Guide to BOSS Loop Stations

Since the release of the first Loop Station, the twin pedal RC-20 in 2001, BOSS have constantly remained at the cutting edge of looping technology and are today the undisputed product leader of this worldwide phenomenon. With a more comprehensive lineup of looper devices available than any other single manufacturer, BOSS Loop Stations satisfy guitar players, beatboxers, DJs, accordion players, singers and producers within the audio looping community. With such a diverse selection of musicians using the wide range of BOSS Loop Stations, it’s fair to say that there is a BOSS Loop Station for everyone.   The more complex the…

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V-Drums Masterclass: Recording Your TD-11, TD-15 and TD-25

Acoustic drum recording is considered by many to be an art form. Finding a balance between equipment, knowledge, patience and money that works for your project is a skill that comes with experience and time. Being a collection of various percussion instruments, a drum kit requires different types of microphones and positioning to make one…

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Recording and Mixing Vocals: The Basics

The boom in DAW software means that anyone can start recording vocals at home; you just need a vocalist, a computer, a mic and a little know how. Paul White, editor-in-chief of Sound on Sound magazine shares his tricks and tips for getting it right every time. Vocals are invariably the most important part of…

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MIDI is one of the most versatile and useful aspects of modern music making. Present in a huge range of instruments, modules, devices and pieces of gear, MIDI was a true game changer on its release in the early 1980’s. Let’s examine what MIDI is, what it can do and how it’s completely different to…

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How to Use Mastering for a Big Sounding Mix

It’s a common scenario — you mix your song, you think it sounds great, then you play your CD or MP3 alongside a commercial record and suddenly yours doesn’t sound so big anymore. Why is that? The short answer is that you are comparing your mix with one that has been through an extra stage…

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10 More Ways Guaranteed To Quickly Improve Your Music Production

This is part two in a series of articles on getting the best possible sound with your music production. Although technology has made it easier than ever to record music, you still have to know the basics to create a professional sounding mix that you can be proud of. Surprisingly, it’s not about using the…

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10 Ways Guaranteed To Quickly Improve Your Music Production

Today, home recording equipment is both affordable and compact, but there’s more to making a good recording than simply hitting the big red button and then playing. We’ve put together a few tips to help you get the best out of your music production setup, regardless of whether you are using DAW recording software, an…

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Are You Wasting Money In Your Home Recording Studio?

Home studios are wonderful things, and other than the pleasure they give the user, they can also be expanded gradually to increase facilities and to improve quality. However, I’ve seen home recording studio owners spend alarming amounts of money on things that I know are going to make little or no difference, so how should…

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The A-Z of Recording

Whether it’s Absorption, Diffusion, Condensers, Polarity or Phase. The jargon of recording can be confusing. We’ve put together this resource to help you translate the language of recording and sort out your DAWs from your Drivers. Contributed by David Jiang for the Roland Australia Blog A-D E-M N-W ABSORBTION (Acoustic): The Process of taking a…

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How To Record Professional Audio For Your DSLR Video

Getting professional sounding audio for your DSLR video is easy with the right setup. The Roland R-26 is the perfect choice for amateurs and professionals.

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BOSS Talk: The Definitive Beginner’s Guide To Looping

Contributed by Christian Moraga for the Roland Australia Blog Live looping has quickly become a technique that has taken the art of live performance to a whole new level! Any musician, from bedroom producers to guitar gods, can add their own flair to their part, solo or track by using a Loop Station live on stage….