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How To Assist Your Child's Learning With The Right Piano

There are tonnes of studies and articles about the benefits of children learning music. Music can play a big part in a child’s development – from memory to patience, plus helping with cognitive and social skills. Music is a universal language that can benefit anyone and everyone, regardless of background and age. So, you’ve decided to get your child started in learning a musical instrument. Congratulations! There are many instruments to choose from. Strings, woodwind, brass, percussion….but unless your child has a strong preference to play a particular instrument, I feel that learning a keyboard instrument is a great place…

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Which Headphones Are Right For Me?

Headphones are one of the greatest technological creations of the 20th century. If you don’t think that’s true, take a look in any bus, train, street or park, in any town or city you like. You’ll spot people enjoying podcasts on their way to work, music while they’re jogging, or working via a business call…

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Which Audio Interface Is Right For You?

Choosing an audio interface that’s right for you can be hard work. Here’s a simple guide to finding the one that’s best for you!

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Audiophiles! This Is Why The Mobile UA Is For You

Anyone obsessed with music always wants the best speakers, headphones, hi-fi. Your audio interface is no exception! So much time is taken (and sometimes money spent!) in finding the best audio interface. But how much time do you take researching the playback quality of your audio interface? Well, what is the Mobile UA Audio Interface?…

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The Beginners Guide to Audio Interfaces

Contributed by David Jiang for the Roland Australia Blog So you’ve fired up your computer, chosen your favourite audio software and you’re ready to start making music. You set up a couple of MIDI Instruments and drag some loops in to form the backing.

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Why do I need a BOSS DI-1?

Contributed by David Jiang for the Roland Australia Blog Have you ever found your perfect tone, then plugged your instrument into a PA or recording desk and found that you didn’t have the correct connectors and that it was creating a strange humming sound that you just couldn’t get rid of?