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The Ultimate Guide to BOSS Loop Stations

Since the release of the first Loop Station, the twin pedal RC-20 in 2001, BOSS have constantly remained at the cutting edge of looping technology and are today the undisputed product leader of this worldwide phenomenon. With a more comprehensive lineup of looper devices available than any other single manufacturer, BOSS Loop Stations satisfy guitar players, beatboxers, DJs, accordion players, singers and producers within the audio looping community. With such a diverse selection of musicians using the wide range of BOSS Loop Stations, it’s fair to say that there is a BOSS Loop Station for everyone.   The more complex the…

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The Ground Breaking Roland Piano Designer App

Let me begin by stating the obvious – There will always be those who believe that the only acceptable piano is an acoustic piano, regardless of how good digital pianos become. And nearly all of the people who embrace digital pianos have their own personal and highly subjective opinions about what constitutes a ‘good’ piano.

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Command The Stage With The Roland RD-800 Stage Piano

The Roland RD-800 is an evolution of a classic line of stage pianos, an instrument with the artist and stage in mind.

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New RP-401R and F-130R Digital Pianos

Contributed by Roland US Team Have you been thinking about bringing a quality piano into your life, but haven’t made the move yet because of concerns about the size and cost?

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The Truth About Digital Pianos

Contributed by Roland Europe Team Here’s something you may not realise. Digital pianos are great, but truly great digital pianos are rare. This is because getting it just right is difficult: most digital pianos use their technology to produce their sound, key touch, and sound systems. We also fully respect the authentic process of acoustic piano sounding from key touch through…