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The Ultimate Guide to BOSS Loop Stations

Since the release of the first Loop Station, the twin pedal RC-20 in 2001, BOSS have constantly remained at the cutting edge of looping technology and are today the undisputed product leader of this worldwide phenomenon. With a more comprehensive lineup of looper devices available than any other single manufacturer, BOSS Loop Stations satisfy guitar players, beatboxers, DJs, accordion players, singers and producers within the audio looping community. With such a diverse selection of musicians using the wide range of BOSS Loop Stations, it’s fair to say that there is a BOSS Loop Station for everyone.   The more complex the…

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The Magic Touch – A Brief History of RD Series

From the start, Roland has always strived to create the ultimate electronic piano feel and sound. This aim has been clear from our earliest days, beginning with the release of the legendary EP-30. Appearing just two years after Roland formed in 1972, the EP-30 was a groundbreaking instrument as it was the world’s first touch…

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Digital Sheet Music Guide

Trundling off to school each morning as a child with a heavy backpack slung over my shoulder, I’d often wonder…why am I carrying so many textbooks and folders!? How many of these will I really need today!? Will I even make it to school without collapsing from this load? Contributed by Mark van der Sluis…

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What Do I Need To Know When I’m In A Piano Shop?

Once you’ve looked at some pianos online, the only way to truly find your perfect piano is to try them out. You really can’t beat going into a music shop and trying a few side by side; but once you’re in the store which areas should you be testing and what questions should you ask?…

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Gig Smarter, Pack Lighter With The Roland RD-64 Digital Piano

This article, contributed by Ed Diaz from Roland U.S, has this tip on why you should consider the Roland RD-64 Digital Piano: The best travel advice also applies to gigging. Gig smart, pack a light piano.

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3 Pieces of Advice on Buying Your Child’s First Piano

Buying a new piano can be a daunting task, especially if you are not a pianist or musician yourself – it can be difficult to determine which piano to buy or whether you should invest in purchasing a piano at all.