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How To Assist Your Child's Learning With The Right Piano

There are tonnes of studies and articles about the benefits of children learning music. Music can play a big part in a child’s development – from memory to patience, plus helping with cognitive and social skills. Music is a universal language that can benefit anyone and everyone, regardless of background and age. So, you’ve decided to get your child started in learning a musical instrument. Congratulations! There are many instruments to choose from. Strings, woodwind, brass, percussion….but unless your child has a strong preference to play a particular instrument, I feel that learning a keyboard instrument is a great place…

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How 3 BOSS Pedals Changed The World – Part 2

As we discovered in our previous article, effects pedals prior to 1977 were quite clunky. Big and cumbersome, effects pedals were barely on the average guitar player’s radar throughout most of the 70s. This was due to the high cost, low production numbers and inconvenient nature of these boxes. BOSS changed all that in 1977,…

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How 3 BOSS Pedals Changed The World – Part 1

If you’re a guitar player, there’s an extremely good chance that you’ll have used, are currently using, or plan to use, BOSS Compact Pedals at some stage in your life. Often considered a “Gold Standard” in design, sound and practicality, BOSS Compact Pedal sales reach over 15 million units worldwide. These beloved little stompboxes are…

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BOSS Tuners: A Lesson in Fine-Tuning

If you’re a musician and have been around for a while, chances are you’ve seen or owned a BOSS Tuner. Maybe you’ve come across one of the pocket tuners or perhaps you’re that guitarist who starts your effects chain with one of BOSS’ classic white stompboxes (which might even be the most important piece of gear…

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The Clean Legacy of the Roland Jazz Chorus

An electric guitar played through an amplifier is a fantastic combination. Capable of volume, tone and of course, distortion, the amplifier is undoubtedly as much a part of the player’s sound as their instrument is. Contributed by Byron Struck for Roland Corporation Australia If you’re a guitar player, chances are you’ll have one of a…

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Evolution of the Roland Space Echo

Space Echo. It’s a very evocative name for an effects unit. It conveys a feeling of depth and complexity, which is certainly how many players describe the sound of Roland’s legendary series of echo machines. The warm delay sound, distinctive reverb and subtle chorusing effect are all hallmarks of the unmistakable tone that thousands of…

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BOSS Talk: Reverb for Guitarists

The BOSS Talk article looks deeper at the various types of traditional reverb of spring and hall, and the esoteric “shimmer” and modulate, to give your guitar tone that spatial magic!

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Fender G-5 VG Stratocaster

The Fender G-5 VG Stratocaster has the classic simplicity of a Fender Stratocaster combined with Roland’s advanced modelling technology.

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BOSS GT-100 Classic Patches Medley by Josh Munday

Contributed by Josh Munday – Tone Designer Back in 2012, BOSS launched their flagship multi-effects unit, the GT-100. At NAMM 2014 BOSS released a powerful GT-100 Version 2.0 update. 

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Fender USA G-5A VG Stratocaster

Contributed by Mark Smith One of the most amazing products to be released last year was the limited edition Fender USA G-5A VG Stratocaster in Candy Apple Red. There are two versions – one has a maple neck and the other a rosewood fingerboard.

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I Heart Guitar: Boss RE-20 Space Echo

 Contributed by I Heart Guitar When you’re talking about a digital piece of gear that replicates a classic of the past, the true test is in how successfully it convinces those who are used to the old-school analog version. When it comes to the Roland RE-20 Space Echo, Monster Magnet’s Dave Wyndorf is convinced: “Roland…