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How To Assist Your Child's Learning With The Right Piano

There are tonnes of studies and articles about the benefits of children learning music. Music can play a big part in a child’s development – from memory to patience, plus helping with cognitive and social skills. Music is a universal language that can benefit anyone and everyone, regardless of background and age. So, you’ve decided to get your child started in learning a musical instrument. Congratulations! There are many instruments to choose from. Strings, woodwind, brass, percussion….but unless your child has a strong preference to play a particular instrument, I feel that learning a keyboard instrument is a great place…

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Electronic Drums Q&A

Need to know the score about electronic drums? Looking for answers, but don’t have the time to scour the forums… or worse, face the trolls when you post a question? Well, fret no more. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about V-Drums – all in one place, and not a…

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Typical Drum Playing Techniques with V-Drums

A common assumption about electronic drums is that as a player, you will lose the ability to express yourself as easily as you can on acoustic drums. Contributed by Simon Ayton for the Roland Australia Blog With acoustic drums and cymbals, sounds can vary dramatically. This depends on many factors, which include drum material, size,…

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Expanding And Customizing Your V-Drums

Drummers love to expand and customize their kits. Customizing a kit helps to reflect a drummers personality, as well as assisting them with fitting into any musical situation. Already well known for their huge possibilities for great sounds and playability, Roland’s V-Drums are also capable of some fantastic customizing. Apart from making sure you have…

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Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad vs Roland OCTAPAD SPD-30

Spend a little time loitering on the live circuit and pretty soon you’ll see a pro musician beating on two mysterious black boxes bearing the Roland logo. Both of these units sound equally awesome, creating mind-blowing sounds that drag percussion into a bold new dawn. They look kinda similar, too, with rubber pads, LEDs and…

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Supercharge Your Drumming with a Hybrid Kit

There’s a mesh head revolution going on in the drumming world. Apartment living, the need for easy live sound reinforcement and project studio recording are on the rise feeding a need for great sounding quiet drum kits. While some choose to go fully electronic, there is another group who choose to use their existing drum…

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Roland V-Drums: What’s The Difference? The Range Explained

With the V-Drums range of kits, your biggest obstacle is also one of the range’s biggest advantages—variety. As advantageous as variety is, it’s also responsible for one of the most frequently asked questions regarding the V-Drums range.

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Behind the Hybrid Hype by digitalDrummer Magazine

Hybrid may be the new black, but, as Michael Schack explains, it’s hardly new. By digitalDrummer Magazine.

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Why do I need a BOSS DI-1?

Contributed by David Jiang for the Roland Australia Blog Have you ever found your perfect tone, then plugged your instrument into a PA or recording desk and found that you didn’t have the correct connectors and that it was creating a strange humming sound that you just couldn’t get rid of?

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Best Practice Drum Kits for Live Performers

Contributed by Roland UK Team Ask any top drummer how they got so good, and every single one will mention the P word – practice. Nobody is born with the divine ability to paradiddle: hours of blood, sweat and tears have been shed to get as precise, fast and musical as possible. But practicing enough,…

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Beginners Guide to Buying a Drum Kit

Contributed by Roland UK Team Buying your first drum kit There’s nothing as exciting as buying new gear, especially when you’re first starting to play an instrument. But for aspiring drummers, it can feel like there’s a lot to learn before you even pick up a set of sticks. With so much choice, you can…