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TDW-20: Expansion Board for TD-20

New Sounds, Ambience FX, and Enhanced V-Editing for TD-20


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The TD-20S V-Pro kit has reigned supreme. Today, the best gets even better with the debut of the TDW-20 expansion board, which raises the power of the TD-20 with punchy new sounds, smoother response, rich ambience effects, enhanced V-Editing, and an improved user interface for quick and flexible drum customization.

  • Provides wider drum dynamics and smoother sound control on the hi-hat
  • Expands the TD-20 with over 300 new sounds
  • New ambience-type choices that are optimized for drums
  • Enhanced V-Editing with improved snare buzz, new mic-size parameter for the kick, and new Kit Resonance to adjust how the kick affects the total resonance of the entire kit
  • Easy to install

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